Validation of Xml Namespace in version VS2015


I have been using the Config Section Designer since Visual Studio 2005.
I currently have "Xml Schema Namespace" defined as : "http://schemas.abc.adventure.com/DVR".
Upon upgrading to VS 2015 Config Section Designer this NOW generates the following error:

Error The ConfigurationSectionModel 'Xml Namespace' for CSD Model
'http://schemas.abc.adventure.com/DVR' must be alphanumeric, start with a letter, cannot have special characters or spaces, must be valid XML namespace. DVRConfigurationSection ...\ConfigurationSection.csd

The config section designer also does not like the following:

Is this a new BUG that was introduced?
Are you validating the "XML Schema Namespace" as a C# Namespace?
Shouldn't this allow for any URI?

If I change the value to : "dvr.abc.adventure.com" then it works without error.


andym1978 wrote Sep 13, 2016 at 3:34 PM

Note: I branched source for VS 2015 support. I also updated the validation code to resolve this issue (not fully tested yet).