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XSD generated with error (ErrorGeneratingOutput)


I tried this tool in VS 2015 (Update 3) and followed up the tutorial.
I like the idea, however it does not generate proper XSD. The XSD file only contains text: ErrorGeneratingOutput.

There is warning in "Error List" window (not sure if it relates to XSD generation)

Warning | Cannot find a schema that defines target namespace | '', schema validation skipped. ConfigurationProject1

Can't see any error details. What can be the problem?


apilonlaflamme wrote Feb 23 at 9:15 PM

I have the same issue.

wrote Apr 6 at 9:19 AM

wrote Jun 14 at 2:11 AM

glenharvy wrote Jun 14 at 2:13 AM

Is this no longer supported. Very disappointed.

andym1978 wrote Jun 16 at 4:37 PM

Sorry for the late response. Only a few developers work on this project, and we are all very busy with life (new kids, etc). Since CodePlex is shutting down, I will likely move this over to GITHUB,. On GitHub, it is easy for others to contribute, so that will hopefully make this project more active.

I think I resolved this a while ago, but only uploaded the fix to the source code, not the downloadable build. I'll have to check.