Support AspNetCore style configuration (JSON).

It would be nice to be able to support other configuration designs, such as those used by ASPNetCore. The tool would be able to generate simple config classes that do not inherit from System.Config...

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Validation of Xml Namespace in version VS2015

I have been using the Config Section Designer since Visual Studio 2005. I currently have "Xml Schema Namespace" defined as : "". Upon upgrading to VS 2015 Config...

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Can not install (required version of .Net-Framework issue)

I'm having troubles installing 2.0.1 r7 for Visual Studio 2013. I'm running Visual Studio 2013 Community. The installation fails with "The extension 'ConfigurationSectionDesigner' requires a versio...

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External/separate config files via configSource attribute

is there a way to put settings into a separate config file via configSource attribute, like you could with other standard configuration attributes? Thank you.

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Support for Visual Studio 2015

I support for Visual Studio 2015 planned ?

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Custom Elements

Hi, It seems that when a single custom element is in the configuration file; the OnDeserializeUnrecognizedElement event doesn't seem to get fired for that relevant element. If there are two custo...

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CSD files not generated and "TextTemplating service unavailable" error is shown.

I don't know how many people have had this problem (it was years before I first saw it), but it's worth investigating and fixing. Someone reported this in the VS2010 downloads page, and I FINALLY ...

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PolymorphicConfigurationElementCollection in CSD?

There is a class in the Microsoft Enterprise Library called PolymorphicConfigurationElementCollection<T> which allows a configuration element to contain a collection of config elements of polymorph...

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Support for Visual Studio 2013

Is support of VS2013 planned?

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The custom tool 'CsdFileGenerator' failed. Unrecognized Guid format

The visual studio 2012 plugin throws an exception for windows service projects. It works for other projects but as soon as you right click and run custom tool in a windows service project it throws...

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