CSD files not generated and "TextTemplating service unavailable" error is shown.

I don't know how many people have had this problem (it was years before I first saw it), but it's worth investigating and fixing. Someone reported this in the VS2010 downloads page, and I FINALLY ...

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PolymorphicConfigurationElementCollection in CSD?

There is a class in the Microsoft Enterprise Library called PolymorphicConfigurationElementCollection<T> which allows a configuration element to contain a collection of config elements of polymorph...

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Support for Visual Studio 2013

Is support of VS2013 planned?

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The custom tool 'CsdFileGenerator' failed. Unrecognized Guid format

The visual studio 2012 plugin throws an exception for windows service projects. It works for other projects but as soon as you right click and run custom tool in a windows service project it throws...

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Setting has custom child elements disables all schema checking

I set this flag on one configuration element collection and after that there was no IntelliSense functionality (no error messages, no highlighting) for any part of the config file.

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Cannot generate cs file. Misleading error message.

I install Configuration Section Designer, and it was generating code correctly. but suddenly and without any reasons. The cs file is no more generated, I got the following error message: The cus...

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Can somebody document how to include the resource inside a new solution

The documentation seems to stop at the useful bit where you use this within another solution.

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Ability to make ConfigurationElements and Collections implement interfaces

I really like the tool; thanks for creating it. I would like to have the ability to make the generated code for ConfigurationElements and ConfigurationElementCollections implement interfaces, so t...

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Bug: config sections eclosed by groups

Visual Studio 2012. Issue with design similar to: <configuration> <customGroup> <secondCustomGroup> <CustomSection/> </secondCustomGroup> </customGroup> </configuration> Cust...

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Theme Colors Ignored

For VS2012, I am using the dark theme, and the Configuration Section Explorer window doesn't use the colors from the dark theme. The background is white, when it should be dark.

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